Sunday, July 16, 2006

Freedom backlash

Leading up to the Bush visit in Germany, where Chansler Angela Merkel had invited the American president to Stralsund to show him that "freedom" had made great progress since the fall of the DDR after the Berlin wall came down.

Together with American security forces, German police had the entire center of the city shut down and had all vehicles and residents removed from the town center.

The lucky ones that got to stay in their homes was forbidden to leave their houses or take photos out their windows. And besides the approved television broadcast, all journalists was forbidden inside the town unless they were accompanied by a police escort. A police escort that was not available.

The cheering "residents" who was present to recieve the American president at the town center was all members of Chansler Angela Merkel's party CDU that had been given an American and a German flag to wave with.

So much for freedom..

(In Danish)


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